Andrew Campbell

Executive Director

Lauren Hermanus

Strategic Director

Chris McCormick

Lead Change Enabler

The Massive Small Collective is a global community of changemakers, bound together by the Massive Small principles. We are dedicated to growing the collective and promoting the dissemination of the Massive Small method.

The Collective is administered by ‘Massive Small CIC’ – a non-profit UK-based organisation. It is currently being run by an ‘inception team’ who are focused on growing the collective to being a global community.


Inception Team

The inception team’s role is to put in place the structure and conditions to grow a community with a culture of trust and open sharing.

The inception team connects our Massive Small community through city-based chapters. These chapters provide in-person knowledge sharing, strategic support and run projects that make sense for local contexts. The inception team offers local support within our global network.

The collective is designed to allow many people to coordinate together, and not be dependant on a central hierarchy. The inception team is working to put in place the conditions for this network to scale up and thrive. Our goal is to support the growth but never become a central gatekeeper that inhibits the creative flow of energy throughout the collective.

The team is currently headquartered in London, with members in Cape Town, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, Cape Town and Oslo.

If you want to be a part of this team, contact us here.


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