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  • Tactical Urbanism

  • Business Development

Based in Oslo I am with the Massive Small Collective and part of the inception team. My overarching activities are identifying and putting into practice new emergent ways of working with our urban environment.

I have a professional background in project management in the property and construction industry. Further to that I have worked as a consultant in communication and culture building processes.

Having lived in four capital cities across the globe, I am fascinated by the complex processes involved in how urban environments form, exist and develop, particularly from a human and cultural perspective. I hold the view that our cities offer us the key challenges we must face and overcome if we are to reach any semblance of a sustainable existence on this planet.

The combination of project management and process leadership skills together with a nuanced understanding for communication processes gives me a platform to balance structure and chaos. Great solutions tend to emerge through well thought through processes, in multi-disciplinary teams that are able to communicate clearly with each other. Facilitating such processes is very much at the core of my work in the projects I am part of.

Thus I believe that creating intelligently designed frameworks and processes that embrace both ‘top down’ and ‘bottom up’ urban initiatives, will ultimately provide better connections between people, better urban spaces and more resilient cities.
I am directly involved in local projects in Oslo that specifically address social housing and public space. Parallel to that I design and facilitate workshops and masterclasses at events and conferences all related to and Massive Small theory.


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